Gratitude is Good For You

Often, it’s that full and happy feeling we get when things go really well in our lives.

It comes with a sense of peace and maybe with an idea that we finally did something to deserve the gift we’ve been given.

We’ve probably all experienced that kind of gratitude at some point in our life. But what if it could mean more than that for you?

What if gratitude became a perpetual, daily feeling for not just the big things?

There’s evidence to suggest that being grateful, despite your circumstances can improve every single area of your life, and actually brings in more things to be grateful for.

The universe listens when you express it, and responds by providing you with more things to be grateful for. That’s the magic of gratitude.

And in this blog, we’ll help you discover how to find it more often.

You’ll learn all about the ways in which it improves your life, and some practices and techniques to become (even) more grateful.

What is gratitude?

It’s easy to think gratitude is simply saying “thank you,” but in reality it means so much more than just that.

To understand this, try this exercise:

Think of the most surprising and best gift you’ve ever received. Perhaps the gift is a material one, or even something like the birth of a child. Now try to recall the associated, all-encompassing feeling that came along with that. Remember how “thank you” just didn’t feel strong enough to express your gratitude.

That’s a pretty intense example, but remembering a moment like that illuminates some things that are important to associate with being grateful.

Gratitude is the medicine that changes less into enough!

Taken from the Latin word ‘gratia’, gratitude is a state of mind where we feel thankful.

  • Gratitude outshines all other emotions.
    When you feel it, it often overpowers other feelings. Gratitude shines brighter.
  • Humility accompanies gratitude. 
    Arrogance and pride are impossible feelings to have when you experience gratitude.
  • It’s contagious. 
    When you feel gratitude for one thing in your life, it tends to overflow into other parts of your life, even places that you previously thought weren’t ‘good enough.’

To experience more gratitude, realize that it’s about more than just saying “thank you.”

Of course, the feeling isn’t always that intense, but for just a moment, experiencing it, even in its simplest form, can amplify positivity in your life.

Our society places a lot of importance on politeness, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

But it can be confusing, because we make a habit of saying “thank you” even when we aren’t grateful.

Let’s not allow that habit to over-shine your ability to feel the power of gratitude.

How to Practice Gratitude?

If you ask me, you can practice gratitude at each moment by saying thank you and by simply realizing things in your life that you are grateful for. But, if you want to start practicing gratitude here are some techniques for you to incorporate into your life:

1. Become a grateful gazer.

Look for opportunities where you can extend your gratitude. Did someone open a door for you? Say, thank you. Be an opportunity seeker.

2. Create a visual reminder.

You can create any visual that reminds you of the grateful things in your life.

3. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the act of experiencing the world exactly as it is in the present moment, without judgment. It gets you out of your head.

It’s impossible to really feel grateful for the world around you if you’re stuck in your head.

Mindfulness by itself has a tremendous impact on your life.

Alone, it can improve all the areas of your life mentioned earlier. Added into a gratitude practice, the results are astounding. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude can make you a happier, more fulfilled person.

4. Gratitude journaling.

Maintaining a gratitude journal is found to be one of the best tools to boost your mental wellness. Because you are writing down and reminding yourself that yes there’s a lot to be grateful for in my life. It will bring your attention to the many unseen aspects of life.

Now that you understand what gratitude really is, it’s easy to see how powerful that emotion could be and how many areas of your life it can impact.

There’s really no limit to that impact, but luckily, scientists and psychologists have spent a lot of time studying the effects.




Scientifically it is proven that-

  • Our brain releases dopamine and serotonin by feeling gratitude,which we fondly like to call the ‘feel good’ hormones.
  • Stress hormones like cortisol can be reduced by merely feeling ‘grateful’.
  • Gratitude contributes to the increased feelings of closeness, connection and happiness.
  • It is proven that gratitude helps heal depression and stirs positive feelings in us.
  • Regular practice of gratitude results in healthier lifestyle choices and wiser decisions.
  • Gratitude rewires our brain, so we automatically become more likely to focus on the positives in the world than the negatives.

Therefore Gratitude will:

  • Keep your mental health in check.
  • Make you feel more abundant and hence more secure.
  • Help you be more satisfied with yourself and connected with others.
  • Enable you to have better sleep-wake cycles owing to enhanced moods.
  • Empower you to take charge of your life and lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Gratitude simply transforms the entire cycle by first changing your thoughts.

“I don’t have enough” becomes â€œI have so much”.

“I am bitter and sad” becomes â€œI am so happy and at peace”.

Finally, you validate your feelings with your behaviour.

Experiencing gratitude can change your life from self-destructing mode to an empowered, free and happy mode.

Gratitude, even when it’s tough

When all is going really well, it’s easy to practice gratitude, but that ease can disappear as soon as tragedy or misfortune strikes.

This is why it’s important to make gratitude a habit right now.

As a habit, it will form your future perspective to see through the lens of gratefulness instead of entitlement and disappointment.

We hope this blog demonstrates that gratitude is a bright shining light that eliminates shadows and darkness.

If you begin implementing as a daily practice, right now – today – you will make it easier on yourself to find that light when things become difficult.

Things happen – they change and shift, and sometimes we see those shifts as “bad” or “good.”

When you practice gratitude, you realize that those judgments are choices and not facts.

You can choose to focus on the “good” or the “bad.”

When you choose to focus on the positives and be grateful for them, the universe responds by giving you more positive things.

This is the essential principle behind the Law of Attraction, and this principle is guided by gratitude.

Why would you expect to receive more when you’re not happy with what you’ve already been given?Right?

Start practicing gratitude today and watch how the universe responds. See how those around you become more positive, and feel the shifts in your mood and motivation as you become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

If you choose to practice gratitude each day you can enjoy its lasting positive impact on your health and overall well being.

“Gratitude and Attitude are not challenges, they are choices!”

Choose Wisely!

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