The Yellow Journal

Welcome to our Growth Shop

Skillette’s core offering is based around the one thing that matters the most to us – your growth. In our mission to flourish you, we have integrated our beliefs, services and techniques in our range of products that will act as a physical tool for your overall transformation.


The Yellow Journal is a roadmap on the journey of self-empowerment, exploration, and transformation.

It’s not just a gratitude journal but also your daily planner, productivity tracker, mood tracker, reflection space, your personal safe space, and organizer.

It not only has instructions, to-do’s but is backed with science that will answer all your why’s. It is for you to become the best version of yourself!


The fact that you chose to read this, says something about you.
That you are interested in improvement!

Your growth buddy, your accountability partner, and your safe space; this nine-week, guided, interactive book with a soft, iron core of gratitude is designed to help you program your habits and channelize your thoughts, words, and actions towards one thing- TRANSFORMATION.

But, why should you choose this over the next book on the shelf? Because it’s made with keeping YOU in mind. Every bit of this journal has been tested, handpicked, and backed with logic and research. The visuals and text have been rhythmically personalized with the aim that this journal feels like a person you can count on, rather than a 100-gram paper pile.

I believe it in my gut that you want this for yourself. And you know it in yours too. 🙂

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