The Skillette School

Corporate and adults

Luncheons, meetings, interviews, conferences, be it any formal setting, it pays well to leave a mark. Become the best professional version of yourself and cement your place in the corporatesocial world.

Courses available:
Dining Etiquette | Business Etiquette|Communication Skills| Emotional Intelligence |Creative Visualisation | Power dressing.

Individual and group online sessions available.


From job interviews to startup pitches, a good impression is worth the effort. Master the skills and etiquette in various formal settings and become ‘World Ready’.

Courses available:
Social etiquette |Interview skills |Goal setting |Body language |Public Speaking Communication skills |Creative visualisation |Emotional Intelligence.

Individual and group online sessions available.


There are certain skills that are not taught in schools. Teach your child these long-term life skills in their most capable age.

Courses available:
Dining Etiquette | Social Etiquette |Public Speaking.

Group online sessions available.

Mega courses (2-4weeks)

  • School of Happiness (for children)
  • Character Building Course (for children)
  • Confidence Building Course (for children and students)
  • Be World Ready (for students)
  • Polished Professional (for students and adults)


Our Mental Health Project, Coffee and Catharsis, is a chain of casual meetups in different cities where a group of people from all walks of life meet and share their inner life, the good stuff and the unpleasant stuff, with each other, and find some answers and perspective as a result of heart to heart dialogue.

A cozy couch, hot coffees, safe space, and warm hearts. That’s what Coffee and Catharsis is. 🙂

ready to meet the better you?